Friday, August 10, 2007

Love Thy Zio_Nazi Pest

Love Thy Zio_Nazi Pest

Forget about "Aisha" as she is above you and your filth is not going to touch her at all. Thanks for admitting the fact that you raped your own mother according to the Zionist tradition and practices!

--- In, "bruceksim" wrote:

I only raped her on mothers day but poor little Aisha, how can one forget her?? Raped every day by a paedophile cult leader!! Cheers Bruce

--- In, "union_faruque" wrote:
Re: Haneef al-Qaeda link denied

Forget about Aisha. She is an honourable figure of history. Tell us the truth! Did you rape your 87 year old mother?

--- In, "bruceksim" wrote:

You seem to be fixated on the vision of anal sex and 87 year old women!! Is it an attempt to avoid thinking of the rape of poor little 6 year old Aisha?? I wonder if she was anally raped??

--- In, "mamubhi" wrote:
Re: Haneef al-Qaeda link denied

Dr. Haneef is not going to piss or drop his shit inside your and your mother's mouth. So leave him alone. Talk about facts. No one found him guilty of anything. Only Nazi Zionist scoundrels of your type are running false rumours and innuendos about him and many other good Muslims and Arabs.

I do not give a hoot, even if you find pleasure by penetrating your mummy's anal canal or any other disgusting practices and preachings of your race and religion. All I am saying is to stop insulting my race and religion based on false and fabricated materials. Not too much to ask, I suppose.

--- In, "bruceksim" wrote:

Good and honest muslims are scarce on the ground and as for my mothers sexual habits I would suggest you do not judge other peoples mothers by the behaviour of your own mummy. I do not bad mouth all other muslims just the scum like haneef who would cause harm to me and my country.
Cheers Bruce

--- In, "mamubhi" wrote:
Re: Haneef al-Qaeda link denied

Good and honest Muslim and non-Muslim scholars know about the holy Quran and teachings of Islam. The `foul mouthed fools who are besotted with vile perverse sexual visions' are you and your Nazi Zionist mates. The Zionists never stick to the issue and they create fights based on false and manufactured reasons and grounds.

Again, I don't care if your mother had sex with pigs or snakes. I also do not care if you want to use your mother's anal canal for your perverse sexual pleasure! All I am saying is mind your own business and do not attack my religion and culture based on totally false and fabricated materials as you have been doing for a long time.

Haneef's al-qaeda link was denied by the Indian Police and many other authorities. Now, what would be your problem here? Why the hell you are bad mouthing Dr. Haneef and all other Muslims?

--- In, "bruceksim" wrote:

What does the koran have to say about the followers of the cult of muhammad being foul mouthed fools who are besotted with vile perverse sexual visions?? Oh thats right you are a muslim so sexual perversion is the norm for you!! I remember little Aisha.
Cheers Bruce

--- In, "union_faruque" wrote:
Re: Haneef al-Qaeda link denied

Bruce the goose,

Should wish to make love with your mother or daughter then go ahead and fulfill your own religious tradition or cultural norm! However, we are talking about facts here! Certainly we are not interested about your dirty religion or your filthy culture! We are also not interested about your mother's sex life i.e. if you mother had a sex with any snake or pig etc.etc. So, please present fact and do not waste our time as you have been doing for a long time similar to this time!

--- In, "bruceksim" wrote:

No I would not believe that!! I would believe that the murderous schemes of islamo-fascist scum are making it difficult for many muslims. Cheers Bruce

--- In, "al_faruque" wrote:
Re: Haneef al-Qaeda link denied

Yet, racism and sectarianism are flourishing in Australia! Would you believe, the Zio-Nazis are behind almost each and every move against Muslims and Arabs. Surely, they deserve gas chamber.

--- In, "union_faruque" wrote:

The racist and fascist Howard and Philip Ruddock have been intimidating poor old SBS TV and the result is Haneef al-Qaeda link denied. You are the judge!!

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August 2, 2007 - 4:59PM
Mohamed Haneef.Photo: AP

Latest related coverage
· Video Dossier alleges Haneef Al Qaeda link

A senior Indian police officer today labelled as "incorrect and false" a media report that linked Indian doctor Mohamed Haneef to the al-Qaeda terrorist network.

Australia's SBS television yesterday reported that an Indian police file, completed after Dr Haneef's arrest in Australia, said the 27-year-old doctor had "alleged links with al-Qaeda".
Dr Haneef was later charged with recklessly supporting a terrorist organisation in relation to the recent failed attacks in London and Glasgow.

But the case collapsed due to a lack of evidence and he has since returned to India.
Gopal Hosur, Bangalore's deputy police commissioner, today said police in Dr Haneef's hometown did not even have a file on the doctor.

"That is all incorrect and false," he told The Associated Press of the media report.
"I don't know where they got this information from or who they're quoting."
Before his comments, Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty said Australian police intended to check the claims with police in Bangalore, where Dr Haneef has returned to his family.

Mr Keelty said he was not aware of an al-Qaeda link but did not dismiss one outright.
Dr Haneef's lawyer Peter Russo said the alleged al-Qaeda link is "simply untrue".

Dr Haneef, who had worked in an Australian public hospital for almost a year, was arrested on July 2 at Brisbane Airport as he was about to fly to India.

British police had advised Australian investigators that two of his cousins had been arrested and his mobile phone SIM card had been seized as evidence after failed car bombs in London and Glasgow, Scotland. He was charged with supporting the failed attack.

Haneef queries chat room evidence
Dr Haneef today questioned the internet chatroom evidence released by Australian Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews, saying it was not the full story.
"It's a few lines from the chat," he told reporters.

"It's not a full chat ... you will understand it better [when you see the full text]," he said.
Dr Haneef's cousin Imran Siddiqui told the press conference Australian authorities should release the full transcript of the doctor's second interrogation for the public to hear the truth.
Mr Andrews this week issued some details of the online chat between Dr Haneef and his brother in India, Shoaib, to justify his decision to cancel the doctor's work visa which set off a storm.

Mr Andrews revoked Dr Haneef's visa even though he was granted bail by a court and refused to restore it after the charges were finally dropped.

The minister refused to divulge the full intelligence behind the visa cancellation while releasing some details of the internet conversation.

He said the chat took place just days after failed car bombings.

"Nothing has been found out about you," Dr Haneef's brother allegedly said.
Asked when he would get out of Australia, the 27-year-old doctor allegedly replied: "Today".

Mr Siddiqui, his wife's cousin, said Dr Haneef had already been questioned about the internet chat by the police in Australia.

"These things are not secret information," he said, adding that Dr Haneef had satisfactorily responded to the questions posed to him in his second interrogation by Australian police.

Mr Siddiqui, who flew to Australia to secure the doctor's release and bring him back on Sunday night, dismissed the new allegations as "just a joke".

Dr Haneef, whose application for the reinstatement of his visa will be taken up by an Australian court on August 8, said he was waiting for the ruling before responding further to the allegations.

"My lawyer has advised me not to make any direct comment before the matter of my visa is decided," Dr Haneef said.

Any public comment may jeopardise his case in court, said the medic, who was arrested on July 2 while attempting to leave Australia for India on a one-way ticket.

Dr Andrews said he was acting in the national interest when he cancelled the visa, citing the doctor's "attempted hasty departure from Australia" and his past association with the second cousins allegedly linked to the British attacks.
Source: Free America Now