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The Strip Search of New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clerk

The Strip Search of New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clerk

John Howard is the most xenophobic leader Australia has ever had. He has been promoting anti-Muslim and anti-Arab feelings for a long time. He has been doing so based on false and manufactured reasons and grounds. His actions are very much hypocritical too. He supports and finances a few NON MUSLIM SECTS who treat women like domestic animals.

My friend Senator Brown has been trying to expose them but xenophobic Howard is blocking them. Yet, whenever Howard tries to con the people or would like to divert attention from the real issues, he falsely and maliciously talks about “hijab” or “liberating” Islamic women. He does so, because he knows, “Islam and Arab bashing is the most popular sports in the town”.

Howard supports Israel blindly. He ordered to strip search our neighboring country New Zealand’s Prime Minister Ms. Helen Clerk as she refused to compromise her country’s security and integrity to war criminal Israelis and their vindictive behaviors during the Mossad Passport Scandal earlier. Please read the email below should you wish!


Hi Faruque,

Thank you for your email to Senator Brown. Are you talking about the press release Bob put out in relation to this matter? I have attached a copy of an article from the ABC online news for your information.


Michelle O'Toole
Office of Senator Bob Brown GPO Box 404 Hobart 7001 Ph 03 62 341 633 Fax 03 62 341 577 http://www.bobbrown.org.au

Howard Australia's most xenophobic leader, Greens say Prime Minister John Howard has been accused of being the most xenophobic leader Australia has ever had. Over the past few days Mr Howard's has re-stated his view that some Muslim immigrants need to learn English and treat women better in order to fit in with Australian values. Greens leader Senator Bob Brown says the Prime Minister's attitude to Muslim immigrants contrasts with former Liberal prime minister Malcolm Fraser. Senator Brown says Mr Fraser welcomed Vietnamese migrants and refugees in the late 1970s. "We are in a different era in which the leader of this country, for the first time in much more than half a century, is promoting a xenophobia which divides the country and which harms citizens in this country who have no right to be picked out by a leader for special criticism in the way that John Howard has," he said. Senator Brown also says extremism must be tackled. But he says it is not confined to the Islamic community: "Just last month the Prime Minister blocked an inquiry into the Exclusive Brethren sect, which is misogynist and which represses women in a way which should simply not be allowed in Australian society," he said. "It's un-Australian, but it's fostered by the Prime Minister."

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